About Kelly

An eye for beauty, a nose for the practical and a blue-collar work ethic, built on 17 years' experience handling deals ranging $28K to $5M.

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Experience makes the dream possible.

Experience is the substance of every good deal.

A great deal is as much practical as it is exciting. In fact, it’s not just the dollar signs or the prospect of moving into a beautiful home that makes a great deal, it’s as much about dotting i’s and crossing t’s. It’s the details and the experience that turns those details into a solid deal that will keep you in good shape in the long run.

There’s a process that every agent has to take.

First, you have to be nice and know how to present yourself.

Next, you have to know how to work one, simple deal. 

After that, you can go two ways: the way of moving sales through or the way of advocating for your client, pushing hard for their goals.

If It’s a Bad Deal, We Walk Away.

Lots of Agents Have a Nice Smile. But Let’s Add Some Practicality to Your Deal.

Kelly brings a head for real estate deals that gives her the ability to advocate for her clients. And paired with that experience, Kelly is able to make sense of things she’s seen in a way that makes her able to make great deals for her clients.

The experience to challenge.

An agent is an advocate. She has to be able to fight for her client.

Kelly uses her experience to keep the buying process honest, whether that’s questioning results from an inspection or making sure she’s getting the truth from a seller.

But you can’t challenge the other parties involved in the deal if you don’t know what to look for, and if you haven’t seen it before and bought the t-shirt. In other words, if you don’t have at least 10 years of watching the pitfalls across hundreds of deals, you can’t advocate well for your client.

Another reason experience matters.

Properties I’ve Sold


Here are a few properties I’ve sold. Inspired? Then reach out. Chances are I know where to find a lot more like them for you.

About Kelly

Everyone becomes an agent for their own reasons. Kelly has two. She loves houses and she loves seeing people get a solid deal that’s practical for them.

Even early in life, Kelly cared about helping people make good decisions. It started back when she worked with her mom as a credit consultant, helping people make smarter decisions. Later, she started a 501c3 so she could do it for free. Ironically, her funding dried up when the banks collapsed.

She loves houses too. If you spend any time with her, you might be able to get her to admit that she’s an agent at least partially so she has an excuse to tour houses all around her.

A volleyball mom who loves to be near the ocean, when she isn’t touring houses, Kelly spends her time cooking, eating and spending time with her husband, daughter and dog.

Kelly’s 17 years of experience are mostly centered in the east valley. If your home search has you looking in Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe or the surrounding area, give Kelly a call.


With so much on the line, experience matters.

Whether you’re buying, investing or selling, having someone with the experience, personality and skills to always advocate for your best interests is important. You’ve worked hard to get here. You deserve to work with someone who will work just as hard for you.