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Avoid headaches. Let experience be your guide.

 Every agent can show you a beautiful home. Not everyone can keep an eye on your goals.

Kelly serves as that additional defense against making decisions that don’t cover all the practical aspects. Because she’s been there. It’s that experience that’s going to help you today and down the road, after a few years. She’ll help you see around corners, and avoid costly and inconvenient headaches.

And that’s why experience matters.

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    Some resources I recommend

    Get started with a mortgage pre-approval from Joe Conner:

    C: (602) 628-9214

    E:  jconner@homeownersfg.com


    And call Kelly Lopez at Leading Edge when it’s time to get an inspection:  

    C: (480) 296-8942

    E:  inspecllc@yahoo.com


    Need to run the numbers? Here’s a mortgage calculator to help. 

    There are a few properties I know pretty well. Check out my listings here.


    Buying can feel risky.

     Reduce your risk. Introduce some experience into the process.

    Buying your next home is a big step. Not only because of how much money is involved, but because you’re buying your future home. Here are a few things you can do as you prepare to make the home-buying experience much better.

    • Get prequalified. The preapproval process will tell you about how much you should qualify for, probably. But the prequalification process will tell you exactly how much of a loan you will qualify for. This can save you time down the road and will add appeal to your offer when you’re ready to make one. 
    • Go with a tried and trusted lender. Working with a quality lender to get prequalified and eventually to get your mortgage will make a huge difference to your buying experience. I’ve worked with many professionals over the years and would be happy to recommend a few of my favorites.

      With so much on the line, experience matters.

      Whether you’re buying, investing or selling, having someone with the experience, personality and skills to always advocate for your best interests is important. You’ve worked hard to get here. You deserve to work with someone who will work just as hard for you.