Selling your home in Arizona may seem daunting, but navigating the process through proper planning and adequate knowledge about sales will make your selling successful. First, you need to understand the laws and regulations guiding the sale of properties.

Selling your house in Arizona varies based on the cities you are in, and you can’t achieve a successful sale without having a capable realtor who could help you with valuable insights into the real estate market.

Teaming up with a real estate agent can be incredibly beneficial if you want to sell your home; it won’t only save you money but also help you get a fair cash deal for your property.

Thankfully, this article will guide you with the best tips to sell your Arizona house faster. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Tips To Sell Your Arizona House Faster

1. Find A Good Realtor

Selling an Arizona house is not easy, as it is a deal that requires time and effort. If you plan to sell your house, you must take the time to find a capable realtor. Having a good realtor can make selling smoother and more profitable. But before you find a realtor, here are some tips to help you:

  • Search Online: You can search for capable realtors on reliable websites for their services and testimonials from their past clients.
  • Ask Friends And Family: Another tip for finding a reliable realtor is to ask friends and family to recommend a realtor. Ensure to ask about their experiences with their realtor and why they felt he is capable.
  • Interview The Realtor: Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential realtors, you need to interview them and ask questions about their experience, strategies for marketing your home, and how they will handle negotiations. This gives you a better sense of your best realtor.
  • Shop Around: Compare realtors in your area that best suits your needs, research backgrounds, and experience to determine who has expertise in the local Arizona real estate market.

Once you have gotten a reliable realtor, next, start negotiating, even though it may take up to seven months before closing a deal. Still, you can end the negotiations if you are uncomfortable with it.

Within seven months, you’ll have more time to think about the negotiating options and the ones that suit your plan.

2. Decide When To Sell

One of the most important ways to sell your Arizona house fast is to decide when to sell. There are seasons when you can sell your house in Arizona, unlike other states, but the best time to sell is in the fall, and the best month is May. In Arizona, houses sold in May stay on the market for about 25 days.

3. Research The Price Of Your House

One of the significant mistakes some sellers make is to overprice their house, which usually makes it stay longer on the market without having a single buyer. If you plan to sell your house faster, research the best price before putting the house out for sale.

Use online valuation tools like Redfin to determine your house’s worth. Online valuation tools look at recent house sales to determine the price of your house.

4. Preparing, Marketing, And Showing Your House

Before listing your house on the market, make the necessary repairs for any damages. Check the house if there is a need for renovations because it could affect how quickly your house can sell and the types of buyers it will attract. While preparing for your house sale, consider painting the house’s colors and adding shrubs and hedges to make the house attractive to buyers.

Remember that some cities in Arizona are hotspots for retirement because of the warm weather. So if your house is attractive to retirees, it will sell faster than selling to others. Once you’ve added beauty to your house, take professional pictures to include in your online listing. These pictures will also determine whether your house will interest buyers.

With the service of a realtor, your house will sell faster because of access to an MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which is the best way to make your listing more visible and attractive to people. In addition, your realtor’s website and social media pages will make your listing reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, the realtor will help stage your house for appeal. If your house is well-staged, it will boost the effectiveness of your listing pictures. Also, access to community amenities like clubhouses and pools will boost your listing in Arizona.

5. Accepting Offers And Negotiations

There is no specific state requirement on the seller’s duration to accept an offer in Arizona, but sellers shouldn’t take long to respond with a counteroffer. In most cases, sellers should accept an offer from a buyer willing to pay a deposit.

Although some sellers may wait to see if another buyer outbid the offer, staying long to review and accept the offer could affect the deal. Once an offer has been accepted, negotiations can start regarding inspection taxes, transfer taxes, and other related fees. Sellers should also ensure that buyers pay property taxes, transfer taxes, and any legal costs related to selling a house.

6. Inspections And Appraisals

Before finalizing your purchase, there is a need for appraisal and inspection to be done by a licensed Arizona appraiser. Buyers have to pay and arrange for the house inspection before moving in. During the inspection, if there is a need for repairs, the buyer will figure it out and decide whether to make the repair or negotiate with the seller.

7. The Closing Process

Your realtor will help finalize your sale and ensure everything is covered. The closing process in Arizona can span over days or up to a week. In Arizona, both the buyer and the seller will sign the necessary documents. Then, before closing the sale, the buyer must finish paying the seller, and the buyer receives the key to the house.


Many people thought selling an Arizona house could take long years, but now you have a clearer perspective about selling your Arizona house. The tips in this article will prepare you against the rigors of selling your house and put you in a better position to get a good price deal. For further questions, inquiries, or suggestions, you can reach out to me!

With so much on the line, experience matters.

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