Seller Resources

Let’s get back to home-selling fundamentals with a direct approach, based on your goals.

Am I asking enough? Am I asking too much? How do I know if the offer makes sense? If it seems like there are a lot of moving parts in the selling process, it’s because there are. But if you know your goals, and you have experience on your side, you’ll do less work. In fact, Kelly will keep you focused only on activities that get you where you want to be at the price and timeline that make sense for you.

Less uncertainty, less wasted motion and fewer headaches along the way.

And that’s another reason experience matters.

    Selling your home or investment property doesn’t have to be a nightmare. A smooth sale comes down to a few simple things.

    Get a solid, reliable estimate. Then determine what you are and aren’t willing to accept. Price your home accordingly and don’t settle. Here’s a Home Valuation tool to help. 

    Put your best foot forward. Highlight the best features of your home. Every pre-owned home has its blemishes. Buyers know that. What they don’t know is what makes your house wonderful. Put that forward.

    Work with professionals. If you need to make some repairs or apply some polish to your home I’d be happy to suggest some affordable and quality contractors to work with.

    Watch your home sell. If you’ve priced your home well, highlighted the charming parts of your home, and worked with professionals along the way, interested buyers and realtors will definitely be calling.

    With so much on the line, experience matters.

    Whether you’re buying, investing or selling, having someone with the experience, personality and skills to always advocate for your best interests is important. You’ve worked hard to get here. You deserve to work with someone who will work just as hard for you.