Many people are inspired to move to Arizona primarily because of its beautiful scenery; its outdoor interior, breathtaking sunset, and warm weather make it the cynosure of people’s eyes.

Americans see Arizona as a safe place to escape their country’s cold weather, high state taxes, and other state-related issues. In addition, most tourists prefer to move to Arizona because of the great cities they can explore and the photography.

Are you considering moving to Arizona but are unsure about the state’s uniqueness? This article carefully explores a few insightful reasons you should move to Arizona.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

5 Top Reasons You Should Move To Arizona

1. Sunny Climate

Moving to Arizona is a good idea if you enjoy hot weather. Phoenix is the state’s capital and a famous city during the year; it has an average of over 320 days of sunshine, making it fantastic with its sunny climate compared to any other metropolitan area in the country.

Some people even move to Arizona because they are tired of the cold weather in their locations. In Arizona, you don’t need to worry about getting winter clothes because the temperature is comfortable and sunny. However, you may need sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s rays as the temperature can be too hot.

Also, staying hydrated should be your daily goal as it makes you active. When it gets too hot, and you can’t move out, staying indoors is the best option.

2. Job Growth

Over the past decades, Arizona has had steady job growth in leisure and hospitality. Most people move there to thrive in their careers and business. As a result, Arizona is a thriving market that draws Americans across the country, especially in Phoenix.

The position of job growth in Arizona ranks third in the country, while the rate is double the national average. In Arizona, the state government is the largest employer, while Banner Health is the largest private employer based in Phoenix.

One of the most important emerging industrial markets in the US is Phoenix, which creates many tourism jobs for people willing to work in the tourism industry. In Arizona, the top employment sector includes; innovative technological solutions, trade, transportation and utilities, education, government, and health services.

Arizona has also seen an increase in its labor force with a high rise in the number of people employed, which proves that the state is doing well economically and the job market is healthy. In addition, some top-notch companies have their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, e.g., Avnet.

3. Reasonable Cost Of Living

Unlike other countries, one of the best things you can enjoy in Arizona is the low cost of living. A majority of families move to Arizona because the house rent is affordable. This is because houses are cheaper, especially in states like Tucson.

In terms of housing, Arizona offers various housing options at a reasonable cost. The median rent in Arizona is $1,295 per month; however, not all houses in Arizona cost the same.

Arizona residents have various transportation options, such as carpooling and public transportation. The transportation costs are about 2% lower than in the US, but Arizona has more road trips than other states. In addition, you can get insurance coverage to keep your transportation cost on a low budget.

The grocery prices in Arizona are slightly lower than the national average, which will help you stretch your food budget. For example, in Phoenix, a gallon of milk costs $1.57; in Tuscon, it is $1.62, which makes it less than the national average.

With these affordable prices, an individual with a cooking hobby can budget $300 per month, while people who love fast food from a casual restaurant could budget $12 for each meal. Averagely, Arizonans spend $ 2,795 per year on quick meals from top-notch restaurants.

4. Driving Is Easy In Arizona

Driving in Arizona is easy because it has wide roads and highways throughout the state. The streets are well-maintained and provide reasonable access to many of the state’s attractions. However, there can be sudden changes in the terrain, such as steep grades or sharp curves. If you move to Arizona, you will enjoy the convenient highways with no traffic jams.

Places like Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and New York are the most congested cities with traffic in the country. But in Phoenix, you can quickly get your directions without using a map or GPS, making traveling more exciting since there are no traffic congestions.

Arizona has traffic laws, including speed limits and traffic signals which must be obeyed, so if you are unfamiliar with the area, you must drive at a safe speed.

Also, before driving out, always check the weather forecast because Arizona weather can be unpredictable, with sudden rainstorms and high winds. Finally, as a driver, avoid texting or talking on the phone because you can be distracted, which is dangerous in Arizona.

If you have a car, Arizona is a state that makes you feel comfortable while driving, but don’t forget to fill up on gas before moving because it can take many miles and hours before you find a place to refuel.

5. Moving To Arizona Can Make You Healthier

You should move to Arizona because the place can benefit your health. Firstly, prolonged sun exposure increases your body’s vitamin D, which regulates the immune system and stimulates insulin production.

In addition, some infections and viruses happen in cooler states, but because Arizona has a warm climate, the level of diseases is low. Also, Arizona is safe for people with respiratory disorders such as asthma.


There are many reasons to move to Arizona; the state offers a favorable climate and diverse landscape with forests, deserts, mountains, and natural attractions. In addition, if you move to Arizona, you don’t have to worry about welfare because the state gives much comfort to its residents.

Furthermore, the cost of living is lower, and job growth is higher than in most other states. So if you are considering where to move in, Arizona is a great and safe place to move to, and its outdoor lifestyle makes it attractive for those seeking a new home.

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