Becoming a homeowner can be financially intimidating, but there are several options made available by the government and lenders to make it relatively easier. Qualified home buyers can secure loans with low Down Payments and also engage in local buyer assistance programs.

Home buyers often face many challenges when buying a home. Especially for first-time home buyers, their Down Payments are usually smaller than those who have already purchased and sold homes. This is because they don’t have the advantage of equity from a former home sale.

Interestingly, several loan options in Arizona require lower Down Payments and minimum credit scores. As a result, home sellers or real estate agents in Arizona can partner with loan companies to increase their clients’ purchasing power and make transactions easier for them.

Since all home loans are not the same, researching before moving forward can help you select the most suitable option for your financial situation. In addition, buyers will know the guidelines to expect when they apply.

If you are looking for loan programs in Arizona to partner with as a home seller, then you are at the right place. All the loan programs discussed in this article have been operational for several years, and they have different opportunities that intending home buyers can take advantage of.

First, What Are The Benefits of House Sellers Partnering with Loan Homes?

There are several benefits for house sellers in partnership with loan homes, but we will explore only 5 of them in this article.

1. It Increases Traction for The Seller

One significant advantage of partnering with loan homes and loan projects is that it helps increase your client base as a home seller. More people will be more interested in your property and buy from you than your competitors. Technically, you are better off partnering with loan homes than not.

2. It Pushes the Brand Forward

With many house properties up for sale in Arizona, it is easy for your property to drown in the pool of available houses. Some houses stay on the market for months or, worst cases, years before their owners find buyers for them. You wouldn’t want your property to be amongst these properties as a home seller.

Your property will easily be noticed if you partner with loan homes. For estate agents, it will push your brand forward for people to easily recognize and do business with.

3. It Shows Credibility

With many frauds and scams plaguing the real estate industry, people looking to buy houses need more assurance that their money is safe. Since most loan homes are highly trustworthy, you won’t need to worry about proving your credibility to your clients because partnering with a loan home is one way to prove that you are real.

4. Verification and Validation

Since house buyers already trust most loan homes, they will be able to verify that the property they want to buy is valid. Most loan homes would verify that you and the property are genuine before they decide to partner with you. Clients, too, can easily check you out by searching about these loan homes and your partnership with them. This will give you an edge over other house sellers.

5. It Shows That You Have The Interest Of Your Clients At Heart

Yes, you want to sell off your property and make as much profit as you would like as a house owner, but you should also consider how your clients will be able to pay for the property they want to acquire.

Also, your client will be relieved to know that you are not only concerned about getting paid but how they will get money to make payment. This is an excellent strategy to attract more clients and increase your client base. And if you are a one-time home seller, you will be sure your property will not stay too long in the market before you find the best buyer for it.

Best Loan Programs in Arizona That Home Sellers Can Partner With

1. Union Home Mortgage

Union Home Mortgage is majorly for self-employed professionals. Self-employed borrowers can qualify based on the income shown on their bank statements. Since tax returns include deductions for business expenses, borrowers can borrow amounts higher than the income on their tax returns.

The best people to use Union Home Mortgage are borrowers who have credit scores of over 660. It also provides conventional VA, FHA, and USDA loans. With homeowners working together with Union Home Mortgage, they will be able to deliver better and make it easier for buyers to purchase their dream homes.

2. Guaranteed Rate 

Guaranteed Rate provides a digital mortgage process for its clients. It uses technology to streamline and simplify what could’ve been a tedious process. Their experts can also help you through phone or email.

Most of their customers say they would use Guaranteed Rate again, which speaks volumes about their customer service. Better Business Bureau gives this loan home an A+ rating. Undoubtedly, any homeowner who partners with them can build their potential customers’ confidence in their listing and show that they are genuine.

3. Rocket Mortgage

The Federal Home Administration (FHA) can be complicated. They have specific requirements, and it is preferable to work with a lender that knows how they work. One of such lenders is Rocket Mortgage, Arizona, an experienced lender well-versed in the FHA loan process.

Their experts will work you through every step to make things easier for buyers. Homebuyers can also check the status of their loan on their website at any time. Rocket Mortgage also offers conventional VA and Jumbo loans if an FHA loan is not the best fit for you.

4. Veterans United

Veteran United has a large customer base with thousands of reviews from their clients, who appreciate the friendliness and expertise of their loan experts. Veterans United specializes in VA loans and offers round-the-clock customer service to better serve its clients.

They have educational information to help buyers to better understand the VA loan process. Home Sellers who have buyers seeking VA loans can partner with Veterans United to better assist their clients in the purchase.

5. Geneva Financial

Geneva Financial is popularly recognized as a global financial center with over 35,000 people working in its financial and banking department. One of the good things about Geneva Financial is its human approach to the loan process and the use of technology to speed up the loan process.

They are making life easier with competitive rates for personal loans, debt consolidation, credit loans, etc. Since they already have a large client base and have proven their brand’s trustworthiness over time, any house seller who partners with them will benefit greatly. This includes helping such a home seller convert the multiple offers they receive for your listings and using them to your advantage.


One of the best decisions any house seller in Arizona can make is to go into this kind of partnership, as it will set them ahead of their competitors. A partnership between house sellers and loan homes benefits both parties. It will project both businesses better in the business world and improve their credibility.

Also, as a home buyer, working with home sellers who partner with loan homes and programs will not only increase your purchasing power but also help you confirm the credibility of such property.

Do you have further questions about the best loan programs to partner with as a home seller in Arizona? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section. Make that decision today and push your business to the next level.

With so much on the line, experience matters.

Whether you’re buying, investing or selling, having someone with the experience, personality and skills to always advocate for your best interests is important. You’ve worked hard to get here. You deserve to work with someone who will work just as hard for you.