Pre-listing home inspection is one of the most dreaded parts of the sale process for many sellers. One of its major implications is that you may need to spend hundreds of dollars on negotiations and repairs.

However, this is unavoidable because buyers will require a home inspection before they agree to purchase a property and will likely include it in the contingency clauses.

Home inspection has more advantages than disadvantages. Pre-listing home inspection serves a couple of key purposes, one of which is to inform buyers of any major repair needs that may impact their desire to purchase the property.

Getting a home inspection as a seller in advance might be able to cut down on these types of negotiations and help you close the deal at or above the listing price. Although the scope of an inspection can vary, one consistent thing is that inspectors are primarily concerned with a home’s physical components.

This article carefully examines the top reasons you should get a home inspection before listing your home for sale. Let’s dive right in!

10 Reasons You Should Get Pre-Listing for Your Home Inspection in Arizona

1. You Can Get Ahead of Repairs

There are chances that there are several things about your home that a buyer might want fixing before closing. Doing a home pre-inspection allows you to get ahead of those requests, especially anything major that may forestall or break the deal.

Most house owners worry about the condition of their house and how it looks, making them spend quite a bit of money improving the appearance. You can decide on the necessary repairs and which you should forego if you conduct an inspection before sales. For example, fixing a plumbing issue is more important than getting the house repainted.

2. It Saves You Cash

Another good thing about getting an inspection before listing your home is saving yourself some money. Buyers unsatisfied with the house’s condition might ask you to lower the sale price to accommodate the necessary repairs. A house inspection before listing will help you better decide the best price to sell such a home, considering its current condition.

In addition, you can control the entire repair process and associated costs with zero pressure or rush if you do your repairs in advance.

3. You Could List Your Home for More

One of the most challenging parts of the home sales process is choosing an accurate price for your home – it takes a great deal of skill and experience to find a balance. Buyers might stay away and refuse to buy if the price is too high, and you might miss out on money if you sell too low.

The best way to choose the right price for your property in Arizona is to work with an experienced realtor. You can reach out to Kelly Crauss, an Arizona realtor with more than 17 years of active experience in the Arizona real estate market who has helped hundreds of people find deals that best suit their needs and preferences.

However, understand that using an expert realtor doesn’t eliminate the need for a pre-listing inspection. In fact, the most experienced realtor might struggle with pricing if the state of the home is unclear. Having a proper inspection before listing your house ensures you have every detail about the house’s condition, making price fixing much easier and more straightforward.

4. To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Having your home pre-inspected before the listing can help you to avoid unpleasant surprises during negotiations. For example, it will be bad business for you not to know about lightning or plumbing issues until when you are under contract, and the buyer is ready to purchase the property.

Knowing about any repairs beforehand will give you enough time to address any issues and, more importantly, prioritize the more needed repairs.

5. You Can Make Minor Repairs by Yourself

Consider making minor repairs yourself if you have a limited budget. Getting a home pre-listing will help you know simple repairs you can make by yourself to help you save money and reduce costs.

6. It Will Make It Harder for Buyers to Negotiate Discounts

Discounts on sale price mean you will make less money on selling your home.

It will be difficult for you to deny requests for a discount if there are too many repairs to be made on the property. The truth is the value of such a property will continue to depreciate as the number of required repairs increases.

However, clients will not be afraid to buy for a higher value with no discounts when your house is already in the best, most presentable state – and this is achievable by pre-inspecting such a property. You will make it harder for buyers to negotiate discounts if you address any issues ahead of time.

7. It Helps to Speed Up the Sales Process

Selling a property in Arizona can be a time-consuming process. Even in a seller’s market as fast-paced as we have now, it can take some time to close a real estate deal. Various issues can arise before you close a house deal. Addressing these issues ahead of time can hasten up the home-buying process notably.

Also, you will have no worry about allowing buyers to come for an inspection at any time they want because you are confident most, if not all, issues would have been fixed.

8. It can Increase Your Home’s Marketing to Attract Buyers

Advertising to prospective buyers can benefit you as the seller if your pre-listing inspection report looks like an A+. This is because they would see that your home is in excellent condition and be assured that they can move in without worries about repair work delaying them.

9. It Will Help to Minimize Stress

To begin with, property sales are not easy. Being unsure of the house’s condition can add stress and anxiety to you as a seller. You will be worried that the deal might not fall through because something might arise during the potential buyer’s inspection. You can save yourself from this stress and anxiety by conducting a home pre-inspection before listing.


Undoubtedly, selling a house can be time-consuming and very stressful. You wouldn’t want to add to that stress by being unprepared for situations that might arise due to no pre-inspection.

More importantly, a pre-listing inspection will help build a seller’s confidence during house sales. Did you find this article helpful? Don’t hesitate to share with your social media community.

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